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Hello to our Valley School Community,

We are on our way to completing the school year!  Our first half of the year flew by and I expect the same between now and May.  I know the time will be well spent as some of our students finish credits and look forward to graduation day this year.  As others continue the journey, we hope these months will give them what they need to move forward in reaching that graduation goal while also growing as individuals.

We have a number of new students that have joined us this term.  We welcome them and are pleased that we continue to have the opportunity to add new personalities to an already diverse group of students.  We value the uniqueness of each student and how each one broadens our perspective and understanding.

We are kicking off our 2nd Semester “Experience the World Around Us” outings with a trip to the Grand Mesa for Winter Ecology.  Weather permitting, we will take two groups of students up for Nordic skiing, to explore science, social studies, math, and language arts through the lens of winter. Students and staff are both excited to experience learning through this hands on activity.  It also connects students with the world and climate in which they live. 

We have several “Experience the World Around Us” opportunities planned for this semester.  These experiences are designed to take learning to the next level.  Learning can be fun and engaging.  Each outing still has a lot of class work involved to earn credits; however, that work will build on and deepen what is learned from the out of building “classroom”.  The upcoming events will be posted on the first page of our website when they are approaching.

These out of building experiences also give Valley staff the chance to model, with enthusiasm, the Habit of Mind: Remaining Open to Continuous Learning.  Valley is fortunate to have very knowledgeable and professional teachers.  These teachers also appreciate that they always continue to learn something new themselves as they work with students.  Curiosity, exploring, and being exposed to new things, leads to new learning.  How exciting that is!

In some of our classrooms this semester, we will be discussing remaining open to continuous learning.  We want to develop lifelong learners that grow to see learning opportunities all around them.  We will also be presenting to students the benefit of the Habit of Mind: Persisting.  Developing the grit to persevere and keep going through good and tough times. 

Our students have the capacity to develop into the kind of people that are confident in who they are and what they can contribute to the world.  We see our students not only as academics but also as whole people.  Our Valley School Vision is: “Valley students discover their passion and develop the confidence to positively impact the world”.  These are our kids, yours and Valley’s.  We grow kids together.  Every decision we make at Valley School is measured against our Vision and Mission.  We have great students who deserve a successful future. 

Invest in each moment of 2nd semester to make it the best ever!




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